Rubex Vitamin C & Glucose Orange


Rubex® Vitamin C is essential for our bodies yet we lack the ability to store it. Take Rubex®‚Äč Vitamin C everyday to help your body maintain a healthy immune system and restore these levels.



Rubex® Effervescent Orange

The Power of 20 Sun Ripened Oranges in Every Tablet.

Rubex® Orange Effervescent, the original is unique in the market today. No Other product effectively combines the immune defensive nature of Vitamin C and the Energy boosting power of Glucose to help defend the body and lift the mind in times when the body is stressed or under pressure from the elements.

Rubex® orange original, with the power of 20 sun ripened oranges is sold in the iconic orange tube in your local pharmacy. With it unique Flavour, comes from real orange oil from sun ripened oranges sourced in Mediterranean African and southern American orchards.

Why Do we need Glucose?

Glucose is an important nutrient molecule that cells rely upon for energy, both as a component of diet and when stored for later use in the form of the carbohydrate molecule glycogen. The function of glucose in the body is an energy molecule. Cells take up glucose absorbed by the digestive tract and either use the glucose or store it for later.

While proteins and fat also provide cells with energy, some body cells -- the cells of the brain in particular -- preferentially rely upon glucose. This is why Glucose is often referred to as "Brain Food". The human body stores energy in two ways:

  •           as fat, or 

  •          as a carbohydrate called glycogen.

While most of the energy stored in the body is stored as fat, glucose is so important to normal function that the liver and muscle cells store a certain amount of it for times during which blood glucose levels begin to run low.

Rubex® Orange effervescent Vitamin C & Glucose is the only supplement that combines the 2 unique ingredients of Vitamin C & Glucose for everyday use. 



Rubex® Effervescent Orange Chewables 

Much like the epic flavour of effervescent orange, chewables offers this same unbeatable flavour and the strength of Vitamin C.

Convenient, Handy & pocket sized, Rubex® chewables  Keeps you in peak condition when you are on the go!

All Rubex® Orange products can be taken to increase the amount of vitamin C in your diet.

Rubex® differs from everyday Vitamin C supplements because Rubex® Effervescent orange tablets are made to the highest pharmaceutical standards and can be taken for the prevention and treatment of vitamin C deficiency. Vitamin C is an essential vitamin the body cannot store and is lost during colds and flu.  

Made in Ireland to the Highest Standards.

Pack Size

Effervescent Tubes containing 10 and 24 tablets. Chewables in 50 and 150 Tablets. 



To be dissolved in a half glass of water and then taken orally. One tablet to be taken dissolved in water (hot or cold) up to three times daily.


Always read the patient information leaflet.
Contraindicated for use in diabetic patients.
Patients with a rare hereditary problem which causes sugar intolerance (fructose intolerance, glucose-galactose malabsorption or sucrase-isomaltase insufficiency) should not take this product.

Store below 25ºC. Store in original container. Keep the tube tightly closed.

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