childhood, pain, fever and sleeplessness


RiceSteele currently have 5 brands offering products covering areas such as Teething, Pain, Fever & Sleeplessnes. 

  • Paralink®, Reduces temperature & fever.
  • Dozol®, Reduces temperature, Fever and allows Children to sleep and recuperate naturally.
  • Teedex® Removes pain, reduces temperature & aids in restful sleep.
  • Pharmony® Coats childrens throats and promotes comfort. 
  • Pharmacy Brand® Glycerine & Aniseed, adds plesent flavour to soothers & pacifiers. 

As with all medicines, please read instructions carefully. If you require a more indepth summary of product

characteristics please consult

Paralink is available in two dosage forms as an oral solution and a rectal suppository. The active ingredient in our products is Paracetamol.

  • Relieves Pain
  • Colour Free
  • Reduces Temperature
  • Sugar Free

Available for:

2+ months: Paralink Oral Solution 120mg/5ml
3+ months: Paralink Suppositories 180mg
6+ years: Paralink Six Plus Solution 250mg/5ml
6+ years: Paralink Suppositories 500mg

Dozol is a Caramel flavoured solution specially formulated to help children, 2 years & above with the following problems.

  • Relieves Pain
  • Sugar Free
  • Reduces Temperature
  • Aids sleeplessness


Available for:

2+ years: Dozol 100ml syrup

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Teedex is a raspberry flavoured solution specially formulated to help children with th following ailments.

  • Relieves Teething pain
  • Pain from injections
  • Sugar Free
  • Reduces Temperature




Available for:

2+ years: Teedex 100ml syrup

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Pharmony has been developed as a range of baby products using the safest and most carefully selected ingredients. For help during Parenthood, not for those who say "Parents should...."©

Click here for Pharmony 100ml Throat Syrup
Click here for Pharmony Gripe Water 
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