Rubex® is a Brand of Lifestyle Vitamins Supplement and minerals.

The Rubex® range focuses on offering the highest quality products for the best value. We offer only the most important vitamins & minerals with out confusing the consumer. Currently the range consists of:

  • Rubex® Orange Vitamin C & Glucose 1000mg Effervescent Tablets
  • Rubex® Vitamin C, Chewable 250mg, Tablets.
  • Rubex® Boost Effervescent Multiviamin 100% RDA.
  • Rubex® Reload Comprehensive Multivitamin with more then the RDA.
  • Rubex® 8 hour - Sustained Energy Patented Multivitamin Tablet 

The original Vitamin C & Glucose Super Tablet. Rubex  tablets should be taken for the prevention and treatment of colds and flu and is essential in replacing vitmin C and glucose, The "Brain Food"
Available in:
Rubex Effervescent 10's & 24's
Rubex Chewable Tablets 50's & 150's

Rubex Boost is a high quality one-per-day multivitamin supplement. It is designed to improve your overall bodily functioning and boost both your physical and mental health and well-being.

Availabled in:
Boost 20 Pack


Rubex® Reload is the latest addition to the Rubex family. Specially formulated to be the ultimate Vitamin Supplement. It contains a full complement of the most important B & C Vitamins.


This product is not avainlable yet

Available in:
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