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Rubex® Range of vitamins, mineral & amino-acid range is the brand leader in the lifestyle section.

Dozol©, a solution to help children suffering form high temperature, pain & sleeplessness is to found in the childcare section.

Teedex®, a solution to help children suffering form teething pain, high temperature & sleeplessness is to be found in the childcare section.

Paralink®, a total paracetamol solution to help children suffering form fever, high temperature is to be found in the childcare section.

Pharmony® Throat Syrup is a product specially designed to help children who need gentle relief from irritated throats.

Pharmony® Gripe Water is a product specifically designed for children to help support digestion.

Pharmacy Brand® the original pharmacy product range which embraces "Old World formulae".

Pedamed® A product offering a unique deoderising powder with an anti fungal cream to help neutralise fungal infections.


McDavid Sports Medicine

RiceSteele are suppliers of the McDavid Sport Care range of products to the Irish Pharmacy market .

McDavid's Mission.

First on - Last off!

To keep active people moving. It is also about keeping athletes in the game and helping them to perform at their peak. McDavid Spots support wear does this by providing the most advanced products available using a team of scientific and medical experts working in conjunction with athletes who are pushing their bodies to the limit. That's why McDavid is the undisputed leader in sports medicine. Take a look here for more information.


With its comprehensive range of products, The Rubex® range is specially formulated to help those suffering from a wide range of supplemently problems.


Whether you are a parent, health care professional or carer, you will find all information pertaining to all childcare products here.


Pharmacy Brand® The fastest growing range of products, exclusively available to Irish Pharmacies. Pharmacy Brand® is a true leader in quality and innovation. 

More Information

The original deodoriser & Anti fungal in one product range. All information on this product is available here.

Available as:
Powder or Cream


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