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RiceSteele has been supplying the Irish pharmacy and healthcare sector for over 70 years. Our aim is to supply quality pharmaceutical "over the counter" products which are core to our brands.

Our main main customers in Ireland are hospitals and the retail pharmacy sector. We distribute our products through select distributors in the United Kingdom, West Africa and the Caribbean.

A brief history...


RiceSteele started life at Bachelors Walk in central Dublin as the manufacturing division of The Dublin Drug Company.


The RiceSteele division was set up as a separate legal entity by Mr Frank Steele and Mr Rice. They then acquired additional shareholders (mainly retail Pharmacists), moved to the Coombe area of Dublin and commenced manufacturing medicated confectionery, boiled sweets and lozenges.


The company expanded into tablet manufacturing and producing remedies for the retail pharmacy trade.


The first product in the RUBEX range was launched on the market. In addition, this year also saw the launch of a range of cough and cold remedies including Glycerine, Lemon and Honey.


Arising from the success of these new products, the company soon required additional space and moved to a newly built premises in Tallaght, Dublin in 1971, and are still there to this day. In the intervening years, the company expanded it's facility on this site.
Coinciding with the move to Tallaght, there was a strategic change in direction and the company discontinued the manufacture of confectionary products and decided to develop and manufacture products for the healthcare and lifestyle markets.
The years that followed the move to Tallaght were very productive and exciting years for the company. This included further upgrades to the facility and the formulation and manufacture on-site of the following products:


Dozol was launched as a pain reliever and aid to placate children. The product was an instant success. Dozol is still recognised as the best dual combinatory pain reliever on the market today.


Export markets started to grow substantially and are now a dominant revenue generator as opposed to the home market. As a result of this, the factory grows from 5000Sq Ft. to 35,000 Sq Ft.


With it's unique formulation of Vitamin C & Dextrose (Glucose), Rubex becomes market leader in terms of Vitamin C & Glucose sales.


RiceSteele launched the Pedamed foot care brand. A medicated foot cream & foot powder containing an anti-fungal agent and deodoriser, which combat even the stinkiest of feet!


RiceSteele start to expand the Rubex range with products such as Rubex Lemon & MegaVites . MegaVites is RiceSteele’s first Multivitamin product within the Rubex range.


RiceSteele launched the Paralink brand of suppositories. The first paracetamol suppositories to be launched on the Irish market. Again, an instant success within the paediatric childcare market.


RiceSteele Launch the first colour free Paracetamol Solution to the Irish market. Paralink Paracetamol Solution 120mg/5ml.


RiceSteele purchase Pharmacy Brand range of galenical products from the Superpack Company.


RiceSteele launched 3 new effervescent products in the Rubex range.
• Rubex Effervescent Vitamin C 20 pack
• Rubex Effervescent Boost a Vitamin B Complex
• Rubex Effervescent Sport


RiceSteele embarked on a multi-million euro upgrade of the Tallaght facility. This upgrade future-proofed the brands and allows them to adapt to an ever demanding regulatory environment.


RiceSteele launched the second colour free, no gloop, Paralink Paracetamol Solution for the 6+ age-range. Paralink Paracetamol Solution 250mg/5ml.


RiceSteele launched Pharmony brand. The first product to be launched in this range is “Throat Syrup”. This syrup, specially formulated to help soothe children’s throats. This natural formula proves to be a huge hit in times when a child’s throat might need a natural soothing approach. More products are scheduled to be launched in this range in 2012.

RiceSteele today is committed as ever to new product development. With a dedicated team of research & development specialists working on a number of new products which are at varying stages of development.

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